Religious / Faith-Based Videos:

Baptisms, Confirmations, Church Group Performances,
Choirs, Easter / Christmas Presentations,
Dramatic Performances, Theatrical...

Training and Tutorial Videos:

A video can dramatically reduce training cost when
serving a geographically diverse audience and ensure
that each employee receives the same clear and concise
message from the best trainer. Training Videos are a
and low-cost alternative (or addition) to holding
training seminars and can be distributed worldwide
and viewed at any time

Product Demonstration Videos:

Use video to showcase the benefits of your product
or service and showcase the full range of your companies
capabilities. Demonstrate your equipment or service at work.

Company Brochure Videos:

Highlight your company's facilities, procedures,
products, processes and personnel in a video.
Use it to send to potential customers and investors, etc...

Testimonial Videos:

Use interviews and testimonials to add the "human touch"
to your organization. Distribute videos at trade shows,
via mail, or on your website to educate those interested
in your organization.

Public Relations/Marketing Videos:

Use video to communicate your message loud and clear
in a variety of locations and environments. Nothing can create
more media interest than a professionally-produced video.

Employee Orientation Videos:

Use video as a tool to show off unlimited opportunites
within your company. Introduce New Employees to your organization
and illustrate the method of navigating your corporate culture
and policies. Can also be used to recruit new employees.

Employee Handbook Videos:

Video goes beyond a stuffy booklet, communicating
warmth and appreciation to the people within your organization.
Video lets you clearly state what you expect from your employees
and reduce misunderstandings. Use it to handle repetitive tasks:
such as explaining health plan options, 401(k) plans, and emergency
procedures. Give your Human Resources managers a tool to make their
job even more effective: VIDEO

Company Outing Videos:

Remember the fun times your employees have away from your
place of business. Golf Outings, Picnics, Trips, Team Sporting
Events, "Corporate Challenge-type" Events, etc.

Commercials /Infomercials:

One of the best ways to resach a large audience.
Available in lebgths of :15, :30, :60, 5:00, 15:00,
30:00, or 60:00 Your Commercial can then be converted
to any format for maximum benefit.

Medical Videos:

Healthcare Professionals build patient confidence
through communication. We produce videos that explain
medical treatment alternatives and procedural details.
Video presentations help physicians see more patients.
Videos can be viewed in the privacy of the patient's
home or on a loop tape in the patient waiting area

Instructional / Training Videos:

From simple how-to videos to employee training.
Overlay graphics to emphasize key points.

Sports Videos:

Individual, Team, Intramural, School, Little League,
Professional. If it's a sport, we can cover it for highlight
reels and strategy review, etc...

Theatrical Videos:

Dance Recitals, Stage Shows, Fashion Shows, Dinner
Theatre, Plays, etc...

Insurance Videos:

Your place of business or complete home furnishings
with their declared values. A video is unrefutable proof
of the value of the items claimed.

Transaction Videos:

Whether buying a used car or signing for a home mortgage,
a video-taped transaction removes any question about what was
promised or guaranteed. Our mere presense usually elicits a more
straight-forward business approach from both parties.

Legal Deposition Videos:

In lieu of a personal court appearance, a Deposition video
is admissible as evidence in most states

Trade Show Videos:

We can produce a video loop highlighting your products and
services to run on a monitor or Projection Screen at your booth.
Also available: Interactive CD-Rom or DVD-Rom that can run on a
kiosk system.

Music Videos:

From Live Performance to Plot-based Story-telling creations,
Aggressive Media can create a great-looking video to fit any budget.

Graduation/Commencement Videos:

A climax to many years of hard work, with its pomp
and circumstance, this is an event to be remembered the rest
of your life. Many of your colleagues will also be featured
in the video, providing an excellent reminder of your school years.

Awards Banquet Videos:

Sports Teams and Leagues, City Officials, Private Organizations,
Civil Servants, Prize Winners, trophy Presentations, etc...

Pictures-to-Video Videos:

Create a Video Scrapbook from photos, slides and 8mm,
super8 and/or 16mm home movie and video footage. Treasured
images that celebrate life's memories come to life on your
television screen and take you back to those special times.
These elements, put together with music, titles and transitions
make a magical presentation and preserve your memories for lifelong
enjoyment to pass on to future generations and create a video family
tree instead of sifting through tattered, torn and faded picture
albums and 8mm film.

Makes a great gift!

Other Event Videography:

Any event can be turned into a video production and output
to tape, CD-Rom, DVD or The Web!